3D Valentine’s Projects

Five ideas to create that extra special gift for Valentine’s Day.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, gift shopping is in full swing. It can be hard to find the perfect card or gift to get your friends or parents. Well, why not make it?
And 3D printing is here to help! There are some amazing resources online for making the perfect custom gift for Valentines Day and you don’t even need to own a printer!

Just make sure to consult with a grown up before making any purchases online. Check out these 5 options below.

1. Mymo


Looking for an extra special gift for your parents? Get an awesome custom necklace or keychain for them. All you need to do is enter the letters that are most important to them, and Mymo will generate you a view of your custom piece that you can order directly from them in 14K gold, sterling silver or stainless steel! The coolest thing, they use metal 3D printing to make all of the necklaces.

Prices start at $75.

2. Cookie Caster


Have a baking fanatic in your life? This is the perfect gift for them! Cookie Caster lets you create cookie cutters of any shape you like. You have the option of freehand drawing your cookie cutter or importing an image and tracing it. Your imagination is the limit for the generator. Then, if you have your own 3D printer, you can just download the file and print or you can upload the file to a site like Shapeways who will print it for you. After you have the cookie cutter created, maybe even add a special touch by giving it with a batch of cookies you made with the new cookie cutter(s)! I’m sure your valentine will love it.

3. Variable Word Sculpture

Credit: Thingiverse


Write out a short message or meaningful word to give to your friends to keep in their room. You could even write out BFF or inside jokes between you and your friends. This generator created by Roebi on Thingiverse, a website for hosting 3D files for free download. It lets you create the file with the word of your choice and download it for printing yourself or through a printing service. It’s and easy, fun, and thoughtful gift!

4. Mineways: Minecraft Model Creator

Credit: Mineways


For the gamer in your life, turn their favorite Minecraft masterpieces into 3D printable models! Their Minecraft sculptures no long have to exist solely in the virtual world. By simply selecting the area of your Minecraft world you want 3D printed, the program transforms this area in to a 3D printable file. You could even go and create something in Minecraft for your valentine. From there you can either print it yourself or through an external 3D printing service like Shapeways or Sculpteo.

5. Ciphering

Credit: Ciphering


Turn meaningful numbers and dates into a custom ring with Ciphering. They describe themselves as creating personalized generative jewelry. They let you create your custom ring in everything from sterling silver to platinum and in the thickness and size you need. It is made by 3D printing a wax form which is then filled with the metal of your choice. Whether you are putting your birth date in a ring for your parents, or just encoding their lucky number make this Valentine’s Day to remember.

There are lots more places just like these as well! Go exploring this Valentines Day and don’t settle for any old gift off the shelf. Let technology do the heavy lifting to make the perfect gift.


  • Erin Winick

    Erin is the associate editor of the future of work at MIT Technology Review. She is particularly interested in automation and advanced manufacturing, spurring from her background in mechanical engineering. Before joining Technology Review, she worked as a freelance science writer, founded the 3-D printing company Sci Chic, and interned at the Economist. She can be found at http://www.erinwinick.com.

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