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Introduction to Fritzing

Fritzing tutorial

Creating your own parts

LED Blink with Fritzing

Fritzing diagrams

Custom parts for Fritzing

Citizen Science Projects


SciStarter Citizen Science

Amazing citizen scientist projects

Kids make great citizen scientists

Six citizen science projects

Money saving citizen science projects

Jordan Reeves: Prosthetic Arm with a Glitter Cannon

Jordan Reeves videos

Born Just Right

Steam Squad Jordan Reeves

Project Unicorn

Unicorn Prosthetic

Nothing can stop her

Jordan Reeves video

Games before CD and HDMI

Download Radio Games

Loading retrogames on tape on C64

Remembering Commodore 64

When games used to be downloaded from the radio

Downloading games from the radio

How do Driverless Cars See?

How do driverless cars work

Driverless cars of the future



Driveless cars advantages and disadvantages

Driverless car technology

Smart City

Driverless cars and smart cities

Driverless cars and smart cities

Driverless cars and smart cities

What’s a Day Zero Virus?

Virus definition

How does an anti-virus work?

Zero-day virus definition

Zero day vulnerabilities

Zero Day

Top ten anti-virus sites

What is Stuxnet

What is zero day exploit?

Creepy Faces in SketchUp

Happy Halloween

ModelMetricks for teachers

Sketchup mosaics

Scratch Explorables

Explorable explanation


What is HTML5”>

Squeak Tutorial

Scratch, Squeak, Alice and Go–squeak–alice-and-go—-programming-for-kids–adults-and-everyone-else.html


My Steam Labs

Stem Jr. Little Tykes

Steam education games

Kindergarten Stem Activities

25 steam projects

Science experiments and activities

Stem activities for kids



Whitespace programming

Bizarre Programming languages–net-2412


Dependently Typed programming

Dependently Typed Languages

Idris website and tutorial

The Idris book

Curry-Howard isomorphism: the thing that connects types and logic

Martin-Löf Type Theory

Scratch and Motion

Doing Physics with Scratch

Scratch – Velocity

Movement in Scratch

Simulating Gravity

Racing Game in Scratch

Programming velocity


Statically typed – definition

Statically vs. Dynamically typed languages

Kids’ Programming Languages

Type systems

Graphics Cards

Best graphics cards

Graphics hardware

Find Out What Graphics Card you have

What is frame buffer

Graphics book

Pixel definition?

What are Pixels

What is a pixel?

Pixel Video

3D graphics

foo bar baz

Google Foobar Challenge


Foo Camp

Metasyntactic Variable



Eat Your Own Dogfood

What is the Work of Dogs in this Country?

al-Jazari Automatons


Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices

Elephant Clock

1001 Inventions

An award=winning science and cultural heritage organization that raises awareness of the golden age of Muslim civilization, including the creations of al-Jaziri.


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Meet the STEAM star who’s combining activism, innovation, and collaboration to build a better world — with sparkles!

Eating dog food doesn't sound like much fun but it's an important part of creating software.

Transform ordinary smiling faces into something kooky and unique with this fun SketchUp activity.

Learn what your antivirus software does, and why it’s important to keep it updated.

Driverless cars could mean less traffic and less accidents, but their developers have some challenges to solve.

A long time ago, before the internet, games were stored on cassette tapes — just like music! Well, Sort of.

We might think robots are a modern invention. But al-Jazari created amazing automatons in the thirteenth century. Today we would call him a maker.

Why does your computer need special hardware to render graphics? And what’s the deal with all those pixels, anyways?

A quick primer to the ins and outs of typed vs untyped programming languages.

Links from the bottom of all the August 2019 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.

Interesting stories about computer science, software programming, and technology for August 2019.

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