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An Experiment in Distance Education

The COVID-19 changed education forever

Distance learning in the time of COVID-19

Promising Practices of Distance Learning

Keeping the World’s Children Learning through COVID-19

How to help kids with distance learning


Tips to overcome distance learning challenges

Free distance education tools

What was the First Computer Virus?

First Computer Virus


History of Computer Viruses

Creeper and Reaper

First Viruses

Brain Computer virus

Most Destructive Computer Viruses

Fork Bomb

Computer Virus Looney Tunes video


History of the antivirus

Internet History Timeline

How ARAPNET works

Internet history

The Internet

Elk Cloner

IoT in the Driver’s Seat

Mayo Clinic driverless cars

Driverless cars transport COVID-19 Tests

COVID-19 and Mining

Coronavirus and autonomous vehicles

Coronavirus Self-driving deliveries

Self-driving cars help during lockdown

Autonomous transportation

Self-driving car

IoT and COVID-19

How IoT can help fight COVID-19

Emerging Technologies for Social Distancing

Why is Google Called Google?

Origin of the name Google

Google’s original name

What is Googol?

Where did the Google name come from?

No googling unless you mean it

Google trademark permissions

19 crazy facts about Google

Google facts for kids

What is Google

10 interesting facts about Google

Scratch Shape Generator

How to make shapes in Scratch

Coding shapes in Scratch

2D shapes in Scratch

Making Mathematical Art

List of mathematical shapes

3D Printing PPEs for Essential Employees

3D printed face shields

3D printing for COVID masks

3D printing for PPE

Facts about printing 3D medical devices

Makers create 3D masks: video

3D Printed masks

First FDA-approved mask

3D masks and safety

Why DIY 3D masks are risky

3D printing materials


What is Erlang

Erlang Programming Language

Companies using Erlang


Why Erlang is important to telecom

Erlang celebrates 20 years as open source

Inside Erlang

Erlang for kids

Joe Armstrong

Why Erlang?

Erlang and music

Love: a 2D Game Framework

Löve definition

Löve Beginner’s Guide

How to Löve

Löve game engine

Getting started with Löve

Getting started with Lua

Lua programming language

Roblox Coding with Lua

Top 7 Kids’ Coding languages

Roblox skills

What is Lua

Löve review

Minecraft EDU

Minecraft EE: Getting Started

MakeCode for Minecraft Documentation\

MakeCode Python for Minecraft: Education Edition

A Look at Minecraft EE

Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft EE Review for Teachers

Minecraft EE for Classroom

Lessons and Worlds for Minecraft EE

School District rolls out Minecraft EE

Minecraft EE: Game Changer

Parker Solar Probe

How to yell across the solar system

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Sheds New Light on the Sun

Revealing the Physics of the Sun with Parker Solar Probe

Geminid Meteor Shower’s Parent Debris Trail Spotted for 1st Time (Photo)

Parker Solar Probe

The mission

Mission overview (video)

What the Parker Solar Probe Won’t Melt

5 Discoveries from Parker Solar Probe


Sounds from the sun

Solar probe video

Golden Sections

Golden Ratio Definition

What is the Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio in Design

Nature and the Golden Ratio

Who discovered the Golden ratio?


What are NFC Tags

What is NFC

Creative uses for NFC tags

Let’s talk about NFC tags

What is NFC?

NFC Tag Game

NFC Tags with books

Uses for NFC tags

NFC tag video

Round Robin Algorithm

Round Robin Scheduling

Facts about Round Robin

Coding for solving real life problems

Women’s Hackathon

Coding and problem solving

Kids Get Coding

Why kids should learn to code

The code advantage

Coders solve real world problems

Computer Science for God

Also In The August 2020 Issue

Here's a fun way to identify plants, animals, birds, and more when you're outdoors!

With a new school year on the horizon and COVID-19 still ever present, students and teachers alike have question about what the future holds.

This month we will exploring the history of the first computer virus, and it is a creepy one!

Time to use your python coding skills to automate some of the more dull parts of your minecraft game!

How I solved Math Pentathlon scheduling with the round robin algorithm!

With the summer coming to an end, why not cap it off with a NFC enabled adventure?

No need to Google the origins of Google, we did the research for you!

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