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The Shifting Sands

Sand Crisis

Sustainable Building

Building Design Facts


Sand Shortage

Global Sand Supply Shortage

Calculating Global Sand Demand

Replacement of Sand in Concrete

Alternatives to Using Sand in Construction

Alternatives to Sandbox Sand

7 Alternatives to Sandbox Sand

Using Plastic Waste to Solve Sand Shortage

Managing Sand

The World is Built on Sand

The Messy Business of Sand Mining

22 Uses of Sand

How Sand is Made

Pet Tech Goes Off-Leash

Instructables IoT feeder

Migo smart collar

Smartpaw litterbox

Smartpaw robot

Five IoT products for pets

IoT Pet Tech Solutions

Pet IoT

IoT Tech for Pets

IoT Wearables Keep Pets Safe

IoT Products for Puppies

Making Dogs More Than Just Man’s Best Friend

The Internet of Things vs. Cats

Fun Automatic Pet Feeder Video

Face It: We Love Our Emoji

The Softbank Emoji

History of DoCoMo

Who invented Emoji

A Brief History of Emoji

Origin of the Word Emoji

The Invention of Emojis

The Man Who Invented Emojis

How Many Emojis Are There?

New Emojis

Now Wait a Second!

Using Quasars to Measure the Earth

Leap Seconds 101

No leap second for December 31, 2021

Leap Seconds

What is a Leap Second?

Why Do We Need a Leap Second?

The Future of Leap Seconds

Negative Leap Second

How Do We Measure Time?

How Measuring Time Shaped History

Measurement of Time

Physics of Time

Bill Nye – Measuring Time
Scientists Redefine How We Measure Time


Living and Learning with Moxie

Meet Moxie

Rethinking Social Development with Moxie

Embodied Moxie

Real Stories about Moxie

Moxie Launch

VR is the Best Medicine


History of VR

VR and Vaccines

The Oxford Medical Simulation

Virtual Reality in Medicine

Five Ways VR is Changing Healthcare

VR and the Future of Healthcare

VR Making Medical Care Less Scary for Kids

VR Explained for Kids

Boston Children’s Hospital Uses VR

Applications of VR in Medicine

How Will VR Change the Future of Medicine?

VR Gives Kids Power to Dream

Own a Piece of the Internet

What is Neocities?



Yesterweb Webring


Neocities: Social Media Alternative

Talking Neocities with Founder Kyle Drake

Build a Neocities website

A New Weapon in the Marine Trash War

Satellites Site Coastal Plastic Waste

Satellites Identify Plastic Marine Debris

Detecting Plastics in Coastal Waters

Marine Plastic from Orbit

Satellites Spot Coastal Plastic Waste

Satellites Connect Scientists with Ocean Life

Scientists Use NASA Satellite to Track Ocean Waste

What is Marine Debris?

Marine Plastic Pollution

Learn About Aquatic Trash

Trash Talk About Marine Debris

Marine Debris Impacts

Ocean Pollution Threat to Human Health

Impact of Marine Debris

Seven Solutions to Reduce Ocean Plastic Pollution

Ten Scientific Solutions to Plastic Pollution

Kevlar: It’s Everywhere!


How does Kevlar work?

Why are Kevlar Vests Bulletproof

What is Kevlar and What are the Benefits

60 Kevlar Facts for Kids


What Makes Kevlar So Strong?

Kevlar products

Body Armor Made from Spider Silk

Lab-made Spider Silk

Is Spider Silk the Next Bulletproof Material?”

Stronger Than Steel, Tougher than Kevlar

History of Body Armor

Body Armor Materials

It’s Later than You Think

History and Science of Hourglasses


Water Clock

Unix Time

Gregorian Calendar

Hebrew Calendar

Islamic Calendar

French Republican Calendar

Decimal Time in France

History of Timekeeping Devices


” target=”_blank”>


What is cURL?

Everything Curl

How does Curl Relate to APIs?

Curl Command Exercise

Daniel Stenberg

Make a clock timer

How to make a clock timer

Create a Countdown Clock and Stopwatch Timer

Making a timer in Scratch

Let’s Make Some Random Noise

What is Perlin Noise?

Perlin Noise

Perlin Noise Facts

Perlin Noise

Perlin Noise

Ken Perlin

A Chat with Professor Ken Perlin

Wardle’s Wordle World

Josh Wordle

What is Wordle?

What to know about Wordle

What is Wordle and How to Play It?

Meet Worldle Geography Game

Best Games Like Wordle

What to Know About Wordle

All About Quordle

On-the-Dot Bot

Hook and simulate keyboard events on Windows and Linux

Linux 101: Introduction to sudo

Teach, Learn, and Make with Raspberry Pi

Codecademy Introduction to Classes

Text-to-speech x-platform

What Happened to Schedule Bot?

Gotta ‘Craft Them All!

Minecraft, MC Mods, Pixelmon

Minecraft-Pixelmon Guide


How to Install Pixelmon mod

Capturing Creativity with Retro Game Design

Making Games with a Retro Aesthetic–gamedev-3567

Build Your Own Retro Game Machine

Raspberry Pi Based Retro Video Game

Best Tools to Make Games

Video Game Design influence

Computing at School

Computing at school

CAS website

Computing at School


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    Tim is an award-winning writer and technologist who enjoys teaching tech to non-technical people. He has many years experience with web sites and applications in business, technical, and creative roles. He and his wife have two kids, now teenagers, who are mad about video games.

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